Offering comprehensive guardianship services

  • Sometimes help is needed to ensure that those we love can maintain quality of life.
Bluegrass Professional Guardians offers understanding and compassion for your situation, providing clients with exceptional personal service to meet their individual needs. Trust our experience, knowledge, and relationships with community partners to provide the answers you need and the assistance your loved one requires.

Assisting Incompetent Adults

BPG is a regional guardianship company, specializing in assisting incompetent adults. We offer full-service case management and fiduciary services, serving as a professional guardian and/or conservator for individuals who have been judicially determined to be incompetent, when no other appropriate party is available to fill this role.

Assisting Guardians

BPG consults with guardians and conservators who are serving in a court appointed role for loved ones. We answer questions based on Kentucky law and our experience. If you need to speak with someone who understands the issues you face, please contact us. We can also help you with preparation of the inventory, annual reports and settlements required by the courts.


We provide guardianship services for individuals legally determined to be incompetent and in need of a guardian. We can also assist in petitioning the courts for the adjudication of incompetence and the appointment of a guardian, if and when a family feels it is necessary.


We provide fiduciary services to manage clients’ assets pursuant to state law. We work to consolidate and preserve assets, whether they are cash, real estate, stocks, or other investments.

Additional Services

We provide a broad range of services and offer referral services for the needs of every client and caregiver, including long-term care consultation, in-home companion care coordination, and more.

We care about quality of life for you and your loved ones

Contact us today! We are happy to answer your questions about guardianship and adult-care services, and look forward to working with you to assist your family.

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